Got Ideas?

Every million dollar product starts with a great idea.

Inventors are motivated by many different visions. Making life easier or safer, or helping businesses grow. Whatever their objective, most inventors share a common goal: To see their ideas realized as commercially successful products.

The Tonight ShowMany of the most famous and profitable products of this century were born as ideas in the minds of ordinary people. But before those products were brought to market, most were researched, developed, patented, licensed and manufactured. For today’s independent inventor, the required expertise and cost present formidable challenges. No matter how good your concept is, the capital and expertise required to get to market are major obstacles.
Patents Plus (SM), Inc. is a full service patent and licensing partnership. At Patents Plus (SM), our business is forming partnerships with independent inventors and small companies to help bring their products to market. If you have an idea for a new product or an improvement of an existing product, we can help you research, develop, patent, license and even find a manufacturer to make your product.

Patents Plus enables inventors to turn their ideas into reality, without need for large, up-front fees or capital.