The cost for a patent search is $295. American Innovations patent searches check records dating back to 1790, when the United States Patent and Trademark Office was founded. All of our searches are conducted at the Patent and Trademark Library at Crystal City. We will be able to complete your patent search within ten business days.

When a successful patent search has been done, a determination will then be made whether to proceed with the third step, which is the preparation of your patent application. The patent application will be prepared by an American Innovations patent attorney and takes approximately three to five weeks. This includes drawings, specifications, claims, and everything else required in the patent application (which ultimately becomes your finished patent.) Any changes or revisions deemed necessary in an “office action” by the Patent and Trademark Office will be completed by one of our patent attorneys at no extra charge.

Not only does American Innovations charge far less for your patent filing than the typical patent law firm but included in our filing package is the marketing and licensing of your product. This can be done as early as two weeks after filing the patent application, when the Patent and Trademark Office issues the Patent Pending Number for your invention. We will contact major companies with your ideas and, since we ask for a percentage of your royalties, we will negotiate the best possible royalty agreement for you.

The excellent response to American Innovations’ efforts to make the patenting process both less expensive and more rewarding has been very gratifying for us. If you have an idea, please do not procrastinate! We hear too many sad stories from people who have waited too long to act on their ideas and then found out that someone else had beaten them to it. Call us now and let’s get started. We look forward to helping you turn your ideas into reality.