What Do you Do?

One of the problems facing all inventors is how to prevent people from stealing their ideas. When you partner with Patents Plus (SM), the first step is to sign a form called a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is done as a professional courtesy. This agreement not only helps protect you from unauthorized use of your idea, but can also help to establish you as the inventor.

US Patent Search

A U.S. patent search is a search of all U.S. patents to determine whether your idea can be patented, and whether a patent similar or identical to yours has already been issued. Needless to say, you don’t want to spend time and money developing a product that someone has already patented. As your partner, we conduct a thorough investigation of patents relating to your idea. All of our patent research is conducted manually at the Patent and Trademark Office in Crystal City, Virginia.

Prepare Your Filing

Our attorneys prepare and file your U.S. patent. This involves preparing drawings, specifications, claims and everything else required to apply for a U.S patent. We also take care of additional information or specifications, which are often required after the patent is filed.

Manufacturing, Marketing, and Licensing

Generally, manufacturers require patent research to be done before even discussing a new product. However, once your patent is filed, the process of sourcing manufacturing and marketing solutions can begin in earnest.

Most inventors get their products to market in one of three ways: They manufacture and market the product themselves, the have someone else manufacture and market the product for them, or they simply license the product and collect a royalty.

Patents Plus can help you determine which approach may be right for you, and provide the resources, contacts and expertise necessary to get your product to market.

What Process Cost

The only initial cost that partners incur is an administration fee, which we charge to offset our costs in those areas. Traditional patent attorneys typically charge thousands of dollars for a full patent search, preparation and filing.